Neosmart Business

AI training for
your business

Neosmart provides online and on-site AI training, fully tailored to meet your specific needs.

Business-specific training solutions

We offer specialized training in Artificial Intelligence, covering different levels of specialization, formats, and content.

Boards of directors

Strategic training for Boards, focusing on enhanced governance and decision-making capabilities.

Management committees

Empower your Management Committee with training focused on leadership and strategic management.

Departments & groups

Tailored training programs to boost teamwork and performance across your organization.

How do we work?

We apply innovative methods and practical insights to deliver top-quality solutions.

Maturity Analysis

Evaluate organizational maturity and readiness.

Real Projects

Work on real-life projects for practical experience.

Quarterly Update

Receive comprehensive updates every quarter.

Ethical Training

Participate in training that ensures ethical standards.

Ask about our
corporate portfolio

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